Life : A Perpetual Ode

I would like to start my first post as a first time blogger, with explaining the meaning of the name of my blog i.e Perpetual Ode.

I named this blog “Perpetual Ode” which clearly means an unending song or poem. That may sound weird, right? Which poem or song continues forever? Well, it is dedicated to the very significant pattern of our life. This idea of considering life as a ceaseless song or poem has always fascinated me. And now I am here presenting and circulating this same feeling with the world.

It appears completely logical and appropriate to see our life as a lyric poem being sung all the time because both life and ode possess all the similar virtues.As it is being believed from the very existence of life that soul is immortal, people come and go, soul may change its body as we change clothes. So life never cease to exist, nothing but soul will always exist, hence life is indeed perpetual.

Now perpetuity can also mean that it is happening all the time. Yes, there is always some or the other thing happening around us. Right now there may be someone taking his/her first breath and at the same time it may be someone’s last breath somewhere. Somebody would be excited at the first day of his job, whereas someone would have been just fired from his job. There may be a natural calamity hitting at one part of the world destroying everything but there may also be an inauguration of new skyscraper somewhere in this same world. And these things will always keep happening. This fact is valid for all time.

Our life is similar to an ode in which we are free to express and address in whichever way we please. We may show our love to all creatures in the world like what a flower or the mighty sun does. Or we can just keep moaning on the loss or being disappointed by the ways of life. Or we can just remain stoic and go with the flow.  We can show respect and be grateful for giving us an opportunity to be a part of this existence.

Like an ode life also goes through many changes of expressions. Many a times there are moments of exaltation of feelings like- happiness of one’s dream come true, the strong sense of power by winning a war against terrorism or being the CEO of a multinational. Life also has a style like any ode. It knows where to put commas and full stops. It has its dashes (when and where to keep going or apply the brakes if someone goes astray) and hashes (confusion between right and wrong). It has its varying length of lines (our life-span). It is also full of complexity of stanzas (its mysterious ways of teaching us lessons of life).

This is why life appears to me as a perpetual ode. Keep listening. Keep singing. Keep dancing. And keep adding more joyful lines to it.


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