Paradox is second name of life

Yes, our life is a weird kind of paradox. Many a times in life we want to do something else but considering the situation, we have to act in different way. Presence of happiness and sadness itself is kind of paradox, though this paradox nature of life gives a new energy to our life too. For example, we want to become an actor/actress when we watch them on-screen. We desire to become like a player we adore. Sometimes we are ready to turn into a politician we admire deeply. Sometimes we get inspired by the status of an officer and desire to become an officer.

But reality remains far away from all our desires. After dreaming about one thing we go back to the same starting point and restart to see new dream. In this process we never take any of our dreams seriously. While in dreamland our emotions take over us, we become too excited to think about anything else. But in absence of a certain clear goal this balloon of emotions soon bursts and vanishes away. Visualizing a rocky path ahead, the dream world is soon shattered and we re-join the crowd of the world around us.

In this crowd only those who never cease to dream and take their dreams seriously can stand out and make a difference, make their own space. These types of people do every possible thing to male their dream come true. Their goal is set by their dream itself. To attain their goal the tough rocky path doesn’t seem to hinder their walking and this way their dream world turns into the world of reality.

Such is the paradox nature of life that on one side dreams are known to take us away from reality but on the other hand when these dreams change into reality they help us to make a difference and enjoy our own specific space. On one side we keep thinking about the ways to make our dream come true but on the other side we also keep riding here and there on the horse of irresponsibility.

There are times in life when we get the chance to taste the success and there are also times in life when success seems to be a distant dream. We start seeing life as useless course when suddenly a volcano of sadness erupts while we were busy swimming in the pool of happiness. Similarly, when carrying a burden of sorrows and suddenly a moment of joy just falls in our bag, it brings a new ray of hope in our life. Yes, this is what life is all about filled with all flavours of contradictions which range from extreme sweetness to extreme bitterness.

This sequence of contradictory happenings goes on and on forever. There may be a day off when we feel too lazy to take a bath, but getting wet in the rain on that same day is surely fun. Diving into a deep water body with that weird kind of fear has its own level of joy. We may fear to try that high ride in an amusement park but when we see others enjoying it, we find it hard to resist. We may criticize a vulgar song being played in public but the same song may tickle us when we are alone.

To fly is the nature of the bird and this same ability may become cause of its death, but birds also like to sit on the branch of the tree and relate with the land.

May be this is what life is all about, always trying to maintain a balance in its own mysterious ways. A perpetual ode indeed.

(Disclaimer: Few days back I came across a very inspirational article in a Hindi daily about the contradictory nature of life. This post is more or less a transcription of the same. No copyright infringement intended.)


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