My Blood drenched newspapers

When suddenly today my eyes fell on the pile of newspapers (of last few days) on my table, I was shocked and speechless to see that some were blood stained and some blood drenched. My hands trembled to even touch them. I wondered why and how are these newspapers in such a dreadful condition, why there is so much blood everywhere. I wondered what has come to pass.

Then I realised those are the recent news of bloodshed around the world. Since past few days I have started feeling uncomfortable to pick the morning newspaper from the porch of my house. There Is a kind of distress creeping inside me when my eyes fell on the news headlines these days.

There are news of –130 school children being killed by Taliban Militants in Pakistan, beheading of several army personals and journalists by IS, Bomb-blasts in different parts of the world, numerous of women being abducted in Syria and killed if they denied to compromise and uncountable incidents of killings due to family and personal matters all around the world.

As if these were not enough to bring the utter shame to our human existence, recently there have been news of sudden vanishing of airplanes from the sky, attack on press in France leading to killing of several journalists, and common mass: then there are also for and against chaos all over the world which further reignite and generate a series of events of attack and killings in countries like Germany as consequence of standing in support.

And to add even more ignominy for being born as a human being on earth, there are local news pages full of– 100s of unclaimed corpses being found in holy river Ganga, several men died due to drinking toxic liquor, a dead body of a women found in a tin box, an unresolved case of husband killing his wife for not allowing him to carry on with extra marital affair, kids being trained to become terrorists, a political leader accused of murdering his wife, a son accused of murdering his mother for property, people dying due to insufficient medical facilities, youth meeting an accident while showing stunts on highway, cold-blooded murder of a family who resisted the loot in their house, etc etc etc. This list can go endless…

Don’t you feel something doesn’t fit well here? Is everything going on is fair and justified? What has really gone wrong? What are we really trying to prove?  How have we learned to go against one another? What made us so cruel? What are we really doing with ourselves? Should it be stopped or left as it is? If we want to stop all these things, what should we do? What is the ultimate solution to this? Is there any end to it? Who is our real enemy? What are we going to give to our forthcoming generation?


2 thoughts on “My Blood drenched newspapers

  1. Bharat we are the only enemy of ourselves
    so don’t feel bad
    jst be honest to yourself and always pray for good…
    One day definitely every thing gonna all be fine
    it takes time but sure it works

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