It is a wedding season here in India. Many of my friends are getting ‘settled down’ this year. And whenever I get an invitation to attend marriage parties, I feel an itch in my brain with series of questions desperately urging me to find permanent soothing answers to them before they burn my boats too (haha! if you know what I mean).

The questions are:-

Why is everybody looking for a perfect match? Is it something that we naturally possess? Or is it the social manifestation?

Why everyone needs a companion? Is it the biggest purpose of life?

How did this system of getting married, having kids and spending whole life with your ‘soul mate’, came into existence? Is this the only way to live life?

And most importantly, Am I the only one who undergoes these ‘weird’ sessions of brainstorming?

And then, why are there so many unhappy couples in the world? Why do so many couples decide to separate after living with each other for some time? Where do those initial deep intense feelings go? What make them change? What good does it do to people at the end?

So, as I was undergoing the same experience again today, then suddenly I came across a nice quote by Osho- ”We are imperfect that is why we are growing, if we were perfect we would have been dead.” This was the moment of Eureka for me, Ting!!!

It also made me remember the definition of death according to theory of damages or errors, which our biology teacher once taught us. He said that death is actually the final event of process of damages and errors in our cells continually taking place over a large period of time. I also remembered the context from “The Shiva Trilogy” by Amish Tripathi, where he said- “The universe always tries to balance itself. The purpose of evil is to balance the good. There cannot be Good that does not produce Evil. Creation and destruction are the two ends of same moment.”

These quotes made everything as clear as crystal. To explain further, I can give examples here. Suppose, a perfect and happy boy and girl who married few years back, now find it hard to survive with each other due to increased number of errors in their system of marriage over the time and finally decide to get divorce. When they got married a father( in Christian) or a Panditji (in hindu) or a Qazi (in muslims), etc would have played their respective roles and would have given them blessing for their future too. This is their job and way to earn their bread and butter. But now when they have decided to separate, they will seek help from a lawyer to perform his job in return of the fee charged by him/her. There is good for lawyer in this evil decision of divorce too.

This is equally true for any evil taking place in the world. If patients don’t get sick, doctors will lose their job. If there is no chaos in city, there will be no use of police. If there will be no demand of development of resources, engineers will be jobless. If no houses will be destroyed due to natural calamities, millions of labours, masons, other skilled and unskilled workers would not get new work and it will be very difficult for them to survive.

Universe, existence, force, energy, God, Allah, Bhagwan, you can call it by any name. It has formulated everything to maintain a perfect balance in the whole. Nothing is actually out-of-place. So what we have to understand is that knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly, every single creature has, is and will be helping that ‘supreme power’ to work according to the plan.

Hence, Shouldn’t we be proud of ourselves to be the part of such special existence? Shouldn’t we be just playing our respective roles and be contented with everything that happens? Shouldn’t we be gratified to Almighty for giving us opportunity to live life?

I rest my case!


Indeed, we are perfectly imperfect…

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