What goes around, comes around

I don’t think the above line makes any sense to our Bollywood actors. The reason behind my belief is the recent #AIB knockout roast and their response toward the media and the social activists who have criticized their act of ‘self-assault’ so openly and vaguely.

Now, to make my point clear, I am NOT criticising their ‘idea of fun’ as we all have been through and still enjoy these kinds of ‘cool and rebel’ behaviour at some point of time in our life. May be in high school days, college hostels, partying with friends or other occasions where it was completely okay to raise our voice to full pitch and ooze out the most cherished swear words and even invent several others to show our creative skills.

The only thing I found out-of-place and really demanding our disapproval was UPLOADING IT ON YOUTUBE. I mean what were they thinking when they decided to allow this obscenity to circulate on the social media? Did they even realise what consequences it can have on the young minds who crazily follow their beloved Bollywood celebs? What kind of image will be formed in their innocent minds? Or Will they not be provoked to behave in the same way as their favourite celebs?

This was really irresponsible and offensive act. These things look ‘cool and stylish’ inside thick walls only. We all are well versed with such language, but there is no need to forcefully expose the young and innocent developing minds to such an ‘indecent’ world, until they are ready.

Although the ‘roast videos’ are removed after much ho-ho, but a news reported they were already watched by 4,000,000 viewers. Our actors and actresses need to understand that. Or else Beware! What around comes around. Someday they may find their own son or daughter watching their ‘so cool and fun’ videos on YouTube.


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