That’s Universal LOVE

Love is still the most sensual, beautiful and amazing part of our imagination. Time will keep changing; we will keep getting fast, modern and mechanical. But the feeling of love will always remain the same. Although with the time, the definition of love has undergone so many alterations yet it never cease to ‘inflict’ the mankind with its supreme abundance.

By saying the word ‘inflict’ I mean the modern corrupted form of love which may include: boastful display, appreciating countenance, flirting, hanging around, gossiping, romancing, exchanging gifts, and the list can keep going on and on. All these things always prove to be temporary and cause heart-breaks at the end which may further lead to infidelity, emotional blackmail, selfishness, jealousy and moreover the worst feeling of being played or cheated.

Due to all these scenarios it has become nearly impossible to trust anyone and the ‘true love’ has lost its meaning as a whole. So many thinkers, philosophers, spiritual leaders, authors, poets and intellects keep talking about love and its benefits. They try to make us understand the meaning of ‘true love’ and have dedicated their whole life for this mighty cause. But still there is a negligible change in our understanding and perception.

So I thought let me take an opportunity on this Valentine’s day and try to present my way of understanding the whole concept in simple and effective way. I will like to concentrate only on two words, while defining the meaning of ‘True Love’ and all other things will automatically fall into line.


Yes! Of course we have had already heard this infinite number of times, but do we really know what it means? Have we ever tried to ponder upon it? Do we find a sheer similarity between all the things we hear or read about love? And why so? Well, here come the answers to all these and many more.

Now, to understand Love we simply have to take any universal entity like Sun, Moon, Earth, Ocean, Trees, Flowers, Soil, Elements, etc; anything which we believe to be created by our Creator. If we try to analyse the nature of all these things we can clearly see what actually love is.

Sun gives us light, warmth, seasons, and favorable conditions for survival of life. But does it ask anything in return? What can we give it back? This is what love is. The Sun gives whatever it has, to everything on the earth and on other planets equally without any partiality. This proves its love is genuine. It doesn’t ask anything in return. This proves its love is unconditional. And all we can give it back is our gratitude.

Similarly, the aroma of flowers, the fruit of trees, water from oceans, minerals from the soil, metals from deep core of earth, etc; is their way of showing us their LOVE. They have opened the doors of their resources for us without ever questioning our cast, creed, colour, nationality or even intentions. This is GENUINE LOVE, because nature and property of these things never change, no matter whatever place.

This is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, because their behavior do not demand anything from us. Flowers never say, “If you won’t appreciate me, I will not give you good smell.” Plants and trees never say,” If you won’t water us or appreciate the taste of our vegetables or fruits we will not give you our product from next time.” Oceans don’t deny their water, even though we are killing the ecosystem. Earth doesn’t deny its minerals, although we are depriving it of its resources to extreme level of our selfishness. There are no expectations in true love.

Everything is giving its level best to sustain TRUE LOVE. And though they never ask, but it is our duty to appreciate and thank. This way we will not only learn how to love but also know the will of our creator.

Love Truly!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

May every day in the world be Valentine’s Day!!!


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