X rated Generation Z

Though it is not my cup of tea to go through a complete list of hit songs, yet I tried to see what makes these songs really have millions of likes of youtube. While going through the “2014 Year End_ Music_Top 100 Songs _Billboard Hot 100 Chart” I realized a very alarming fact that more than 70% of the songs which were on the list were directly or indirectly “x rated” for a majority of viewers who fall into the category of Gen Z.

This makes me ponder upon several behavioural changes observed in this generation, which I come across in day-to-day life. There are numerous of examples which can be quoted to prove that the entertainment industry is surely responsible for messing with developing young brains. They try to shortcut everything. Not ready to take NO for an answer.

I come across things like-

A girl falsely accusing her teacher of making eyes at her, because the teacher scolded her for not completing the homework.

Young boys beating a teacher up, as he caught them reading and exchanging inappropriate texts in the class.

Children threatening elders to commit suicide if their inappropriate demands are not met.

A brother being threatened by his cousin sister to accuse him of doing something wrong with her, because he didn’t accept her proposal.

Teen girls ganging up on elderly people to give them seat in local buses. Some even snatching money and thrashing village boys with leather belts. Not to mention how they will file a fake lawsuit of attempt to rape against them, if they deny.

I wonder, where did this attitude come from? What made that girl to choose this way to get rid of her teacher? How did those boys get courage to insult their teacher? Where did those children learn to blackmail their elders? How can that girl think of defaming her brother? Why those girls tried to prove their superiority in this manner? What is the future of this type of thinking? Can we make them realise that they are on wrong track? When and how?

Do think and respond.


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