My eye! That’s glass

I have been hearing this constantly repeating song of a Bollywood movie- NH10, on the music channels since few days and I really appreciate the wonderful and thoughtful creative lyrics:-

काँच की नींद आयी                               Had a glassy nap

पत्थर के खवाब लाई                             Had a stony dream

जाने रब जाने कब                                God knows when

ज़खम से मिल गए नैना                         it started to sore

छिल गए नैना…                                  And left the eyes scraped (bleeding)…

It made me wonder what the lyricist may be trying to imply, but somehow I find it correlated with unending human expectations.

It’s like said in this song that when we fell asleep (sleep being made up of a fragile emotions like glass) and the dreams which we see made up of too many unrealistic desires which are our expectations (like letting stones hit forcefully on that delicate glass), the consequences are inevitable distress (as the glass starts cracking but still we shut our eyes more harder) and the final outcome of it is obviously deep and prolonged irritating heartache (as the injured eyes are scraped severely).

We go on doing things throughout our life expecting this will happen and that will happen then I will do this and that, but often things don’t happen according to us and we find ourselves suffering in the agony of it.

I read somewhere “We try and control the journey with some imagined belief in a power we don’t have. There is no power over altering the flow of life. It will take us where it wants, so the only thing left to do is let go and learn to adapt to each bend in the river and enjoy the scenery while it lasts. It’s once we let go that we notice a world that we were missing while being so focused on changing how our life is unfolding. We need to drop the heavy backpack of the burdensome stones of expectations and move freely and effortlessly across the middle-path like a light and unconfined cloud.”

As Buddha said,” Expectations are root cause of all our sorrows.” Once we realize this and learn to let go, we can live the ecstatic life we ever imagined.

But, Is it as simple as been said? Is it possible to live life without expecting anything? Does that means life without hope and dream?

The answers lie inside us and are waiting to be discovered… go on!


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