Episode 2: The Unsent Book of Odes

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…And there he found a picture of a gorgeous, stunning lady in a black floral print dress, laughing at this jaw-dropped face. Her lively joyfully laughing face was so realistic that he was bound to fantasize that he could clearly hear the sound of joy echoing in his room. The white sand beach and the waves at the background of her, made the atmosphere more surreal. Her carefree floating brown locks in the breeze brought the aroma of wet sand in his mind. It took a moment for him to come back to the world.

“Who is this girl full of life? And why is her picture kept in the cover of the book?” he said to himself, still having the induced smile on his face.

Well, the answers were just at the flip of the picture. Inder turned the picture and found a message written in a beautiful glittered handwriting:-

To you- my beloved Mark,

Happy Birthday! May we celebrate hundreds of birthdays together.

Yours Lovingly,


“Wow! A birthday present, but why is it in his hands if it was meant for someone else?” he thought.

He took the brown cover to look for some clue. There at the back of the Kraft paper was trademark of paper company C&T, Canada. So, this book and picture in his hands, has travelled half the world to find its place in his book shelf. But still the questions remained the same, how and why?

It was not at all surprising to find some book from Canada in a place like Chandigarh where nearly every family has connections in Canada and people keep flying to and fro all-round the year. But then also he felt an urge to find out why and how this book ended up here. He always believed in philosophy that everything happens for our own good.

In this age of technology when social media has reached every remote location and everyone seem to follow the trend; it was still not so easy task to find someone by just knowing her first name and probably country too. But then, if you don’t even try how will you know the consequences. He picked up his laptop and searched “Belicia” on Facebook. There were hell lot of ladies with that name so he refined his search to Canada.

Boom! After some pages there she was with exactly the same picture laughing up her sleeve. He was thrilled. There was not much information to read about. It seemed like a strictly private profile. He clicked on the message button and then felt a need to hold his horses. He was overwhelmed and perplexed. What should he write? Whether to just say a formal hello or explain what has brought him here. What will she think? What will she feel being bothered by a stranger finding her book with her photo in it? Blah! Blah!…

(to be continued… in episode 3:The Unsent Book of Odes)


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