Episode 3: The Unsent Book of Odes

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…Finally, he decided that it will be better to come clean. So he explained the whole incident to her, asked her if she has read the book too, her views about the story and more importantly how would have this book reached him. He also said that he can send the book back to her if it was lost somewhere by her and added his address. He appreciated her beautiful handwriting and nice photo. Not to sound too flirty or creepy, he skipped the part about the mesmerising effect of her picture on him. Hoping to get the reply soon, he pressed send button.

Days passed quickly and finally his dream project floor maps came out as expected. Sponsors were all ready to get on.  Inder was known to be fast enough to arrange for the resources like manpower, material and cash-flow needed. The work started on time and gained full-fledged speed in no time. Everything went on smoothly and persistently. The sample flats were ready for public display before he could even realise that six months have already passed. He was getting good response from the investors and customers too.

With the time passing at so fast pace, he almost forgot about the book, the picture and the message. But then suddenly on one fine day everything flashed in front of him like a movie scene when he found an envelope lying at his door steps. It was from Vancouver, Canada. Obviously from Belicia, it couldn’t have been from anyone else because he didn’t have any relative or friend in Canada as majority of people did. He just moved to Chandigarh two years back when he got placed in an automobile company. He had to quit the job after few months because of his father’s health issues, but decided to return back to this lovely city once his father’s health got stable. It was at that time when he first met Asif- his business partner and one who introduced him to the flourishing construction business.

He realised that he never checked his Facebook in last six months because he was too busy in work. Excited to get reply after so many months, he undid the securely fastened silky thread of the letter and opened it carefully.  And there he found a letter. He read-

Hey Inder,

Sorry for a late reply, well too late indeed. But there were life events which are to be blamed for not allowing me to write back. I hope this letter finds you hale and hearty.

Though I am not a fan of Paulo Coelho, but yes I have read this book and as you may have seen it was a gift for my ex on his 27th birthday. It seems like he never cared to open it and see inside because we broke up that day.  I have no idea how it reached you. May be Mark just threw it away and some needy traveller to India would have found it and sold it for few bucks. Well, I don’t care. No need to send it to me. 

You might be thinking why I used snail mail to reply your facebook message. It’s because I have deleted my account due to personal reasons. You can call me old school but I like it this way now. Thank you for your complements.

Your pen-pal,


The letter left Inder in the state of empathy…

(to be continued… in episode 4:The Unsent Book of Odes)


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