Goodness gracious! Good is new BAD

In this fast paced world, with a lot of things there to be dealt with every now and then, have we really lost that essence of generous life? Is it really alarming or am I just overreacting? Well, that brings one of those fine lines written by William Henry Davies, in my mind-

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare…

Moved by the present day perspectives of people, their processing and reactions, it calls for to be true to ourselves, to be real, to be humane, and to be human again. It takes me by surprise, how we have found several ways to convince ourselves that our major misdeeds are just for fun. We don’t need to worry about its pros and cons concerning others, because it is giving us some momentary pleasure, to show how ‘cool’ we are when we are ‘hot’ in anger.

Several incidents like-

A roadside poor man was kicked by four drunken friends because he tried to warn them about the pit ahead. All he said was, ”Beware! Brother, there is a pit on that lane. Yeah, he made a mistake calling them ‘brother’. They were filled with rage being called a brother of a beggar and he had to pay for his mistake.

A gas station was bombarded with handmade bombs and bullets by wrongheaded gang of boys because the employee told one of them not to wash his mired leg, as the owner is a short-tempered man who may not like this.

An IIT graduate burns his wife and two daughters just fearing that he might have AIDS because searching on google confirmed his doubts, even though his wife didn’t had any problem staying with him. Then it turns out that he didn’t had any such disease.

Even in daily life, incidents like-

A boy at Delhi metro station was slapped by a girl, whom he tried to save from falling down the escalator, because his silly hands touched her back.

An office going girl doubting the intentions of her colleague because he is too polite or soft-spoken to be true to exist these days.

College boys mocking a friend who denies smoking or drinking or getting involved in any inappropriate activities.

The documentaries like ‘India’s daughter’ made by BBC, and then the answer to it, by Harvinder Singh’s ‘United Kingdom’s Daughters’, are the burning proof in-front of us all that the traits like goodness, politeness, kindness, compassion, brotherhood, care, love and affection, has deteriorated over time to an alarming rate. Blinded by the dazzling lights of temporary pomp and show, we seem to forget the very nature of our being.

Has enjoyment and pleasure become the synonymous to getting a license to act crazy? Have moral values become just things to be taught in textbooks? How to teach and practise then?


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