Episode 4: The Unsent Book of Odes

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…That was really a surprising kind of letter Inder ever received. It seemed like a friendship invitation with a twist of attitude. He decided to reply immediately. He introduced himself. Expressed his sorry feeling for her break-up. Tried to make her feel good, by his lame sense of humour. This time he wrote more confidently and asked random questions to quench the thirst of his eager mind.

From looking at the stamps on the envelope, he found that it takes about a month for a letter to reach the other side of the world, by this snail mail technique. At first, it appeared a kind of weird way of communication in the era of high-tech fast emailing services, but then it was a unique idea to have a pen-pal in this age too. He posted the letter and waited for reply. And of course he got a much worthy reply.

So the exchange of information began in this nearly extinct way of communication. Months after months they kept sharing instances of their life. They shared their views on social issues, their concerns, their way of tackling and resolving problems. They even started sharing their secrets and hidden sentiments. They came to know each other better. Each other’s daily routine, lifestyle, schedules, liking and disliking, personality, family matters everything. They unveiled their past, present and future dreams. Their trust on each other grew stronger and stronger with time. They started seeking each other’s advices and suggestion on day-to-day problems. They could write and share about anything a boy and girl can, without any hesitation. It was birth of purest kind of friendship that could exist, unadulterated and ready to be unwounded.

To add a cherry on the cake every letter accompanied new pictures of the places they visited, the food they liked, the car they drove in, events, festivals, activities, relatives, friends, office, home everything that could be framed in the camera and make the person feel the genuine nature of things coexisting in the same world. The letters from Belicia carried the aroma of those Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver, which she regularly visited as it was just few miles away from her home, whereas the letters from Inder always complemented the colours of Indian culture and tradition. They were indeed virtually experiencing each other’s life by sharing these pictures. Although they exchanged cell phone numbers but it was not easy to catch up with each other with the time difference of almost eleven hours. So they decided to keep it this way…

(to be continued… in episode 5:The Unsent Book of Odes)


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