Episode 5: The Unsent Book of Odes

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…Inder came to know that Belicia was soon going to make her dream come true by becoming a professional singer in Hollywood films. She had started receiving offers from the film makers and music composers and she was happy and excited to bag such an opportunity which she has always longed for. She told him about her journey from being a part of a choir to taking professional lessons and finally reaching the destination for which she has worked so hard.

Her next letter was a step forward and the last few lines which kept on repeating in Inder’s mind were-

“It has been almost a year to our beautiful friendship. I am so grateful to you for being so supportive and caring all the time. Through your letters I always got that much needed confidence boost. I wonder if your words are such an inspiration and powerful, how will it be like to meet you in person. The sheer thought of meeting you in person gives me goose bumps. Don’t you feel it will be wonderful? Why don’t you come here and be a part of my life changing event when I will launch my first song album?”

Inder became restless. Something suppressed for several years, deep down in his heart, wanted to come out undeclared. Suddenly, his long forgotten desires started to reproach him for building those tough walls and never letting them out to soar in the sky. He remembered Belicia’s words that life is too short to keep hold of our creative desires. She always said that it is foolish to regret at the end, when we deliberately never gave ourselves a chance to try. These thoughts made him questions his way of life. Was he really satisfied with what he was doing? Did he always want to be like this? Was there something else that gave him not just outwardly satisfaction but immense pleasure to his soul?

Well, it is impossible to fool ourselves. Inder knew it very well what his heart always craved for. He always wanted to go abroad, travel the world, see new places and meet new people, but somehow his life kept twisting and turning so he had to make choices. But now he was in stable position. He had less tension for secure future. He was more affirmative about doing what he always wanted. He saw it as an opportunity to unfold his creative instinct too.

Next day, he found himself in the storeroom of his house, looking for his college diary in the cartons. The last time he saw that dairy was while packing his stuff to move to Chandigarh. It was the diary in which he used to write his thoughts, poems and songs. But over the time his writing skills were just restricted to description of his daily experiences and some random learning. He remembered his college friend appreciating his song writing skill. Sometimes they used to sit together and tried to sing few lines. He found the diary and now he just needed to send some samples of his songs to Belicia to see if she thinks they are worth singing…

(to be continued… in episode 6:The Unsent Book of Odes)

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