Episode 6: The Unsent Book of Odes

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…The next letter of inder accompanied two of his most cherished odes he wrote in his college days when he was inspired by the series of scenes that took place in college canteen. One was about how a boy tried to impress a girl and the second one was about how the girls reacted to his cool and funny stunts. Inder was positive that Belicia will like them and may be that she might sing and include them in her album. It was a joyful thought for him to imagine his songs and odes being sung by a singer and people listening to them. “Oh! But how come I never asked Belicia to send me a song sung in her sweet voice”, Inder realised. Well it’s never too late to ask.

To his surprise her very next letter from Belicia included an audio CD. Without wasting a moment he popped it into his computer. The melody of the music began to take him to new world. As the words came out he was completely bowled over. He couldn’t believe his ears that he was really listening to his odes in deep and sensual voice of Belica. It was purely impeccable and surreal version of his narration, every beat and every word was way beyond his imagination. He kept listening to both the songs repeatedly already picturing himself being credited by Belicia as a celebrity. His cell phone, now, had a permanent ringtone which he could never get bored with, no matter how many times he listen it.

Belicia liked his way of narration in form of odes, but she demanded him to write more romantic pieces which have a glamorous appeal to her listener. Something which might depict a boy/girl next door to which listeners can relate well. Inder needed inspiration which was not easy to get in his daunting working condition, all day dealing with indolent labours. So she came up with fantastic idea of exchanging letters, behaving as a girlfriend and boyfriend from now on.

Inder concurred immediately with this terrific idea. He was excited to change the pace of his rather monotonous life. He was an introvert nerd from his school days, carried the same trait all the way to college, busy romancing with the lab equipment and the only definition of love letters for him was lab manuals. The only relation with girls he ever had, was the exchange of readings and gratitude in return. Though, being a boy he had one or two crushes on college girls and several others on Hollywood actresses (which his roommates rejected to count), he chose to keep it to himself instead of wasting time and money struggling to impress them and then spend several days mourning the heartbreak. And he never believed in so-called feeling of love simply because it was not a scientific term.

“And we are just going to play roles as gf/bf for my inspiration to write romantic songs. I don’t need to think so much.” Inder convinced himself…

(to be continued… in episode 7:The Unsent Book of Odes)

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