The joy of crying

That unbridled weeping for several hours to get those favourite cookies or gaining that small samosa (Indian Patties) as a gift for behaving properly, seems to give more happiness than having the privilege of tasting those exquisite delicacies in five-star hotels, today. It were those days when we used to enjoy sailing the self-made paper boats in the rainy water and presume that we can even travel the whole world sailing in that boat. But now, sitting in the most luxurious car is inapt to give the same feeling.

That pocket-money of just ₹5, for enjoying the seasonal fair, sufficiently seemed enough to buy the whole fair place. A ₹1 balloon was symbolic of having conquered the world. Visiting granny’s, once in a year, was equivalent to government sponsored world tour. That immense joy of wearing the newly stitched shirt and pants, every year gave us the being-celebrity-feeling unlike anything. It is hard to find that joy in modern brands like Levis or Spykar. It is always a moment of goose bumps remembering those times.

That golden childhood is written with non-erasable ink in the book of life, and pages of that book start to flutter with storm of memories which surround us with a kind of sadness. Sometimes it leaves us thinking, how did everything seemingly changed just in a spur of a moment.

Today we seek the proper moment to be happy, may be doing this or doing that will give us happiness. But in that insane childhood, even crying had its own fun statement. Childhood is another name for being happy without a reason. And this is something we are losing with time. There is a vacant space or some missing string, in our melodious song of life, which gives the feeling of listening to corrupted notes of this song. Some of those happiest moments of life just flew away while chasing the scantiness and quickness of the harmonization of music of life.

As of today, the circumstances have grown so vile that it is not a birth of child these days, instead it is a birth of IAS, PCS, doctor or engineer. We don’t realize how and when this whole life is consumed by these desires to achieve everything double-quick.  The biggest challenge of this kind of situation is to keep alive that child inside us.

Actually, that child inside us never dies or grows up; it is just suppressed under the layers deposited over the time, just like onion layers. If we try to analyse closely, we may find that man’s life is nothing but a multi-layered onion, and if we unfold these layers one by one, we can find that soft and fresh layer intact. So, basically we don’t want to get unfolded. We have been inundated with layers of degrees, profession, to be sincere and so-called wisdom by the society. We are growing more morbid day by day. A child knows how to celebrate every moment. Losing our innate nature makes us our own foe. We need to understand that recalling that child inside us will open innumerable doors of celebration for us.

Be childish!!!


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