Hey bro! How much did you read…? I didn’t even understand where to start from…you must have read all, right…? No dear, if I was so laborious would I have been here… But I’m sure to pass, nothing else needed. This is how we converse before exams, isn’t it…? Actually, it gives a great excitement to talk like this before exams but let us know what it communicates.

When we try to present ourselves mediocre to others in studies constantly then, eventually we tend to become the same. We always focus on projecting that we know nothing rather saying I have a command on these topics & this topic is very well-known to me. So, if we score good marks, it is nice, else we had already said that we know nothing. With this kind of attitude we may try to protect our self from others’ overwhelming questions, but we stop learning too, in this course of action.

It is generally seen that, when being asked by our classmate, “did you read?” Instead of straight away answering “yes I read”, we say “no dear I have read nothing.” However, owing it to be our duty we keep on filling all the answer sheets in exams. We focus only on gaining good percentage in exams. And after announcement of results, we like to be humble that even by not studying well we gained good percentage. As an answer to them we simply give a victory smile but never say we have a command on this topic in this subject.

Approximately, in India around 1.5 million engineers graduate every year. This number is much greater as compared to U.S & China alone. Similarly, every year around 1 lakh MBA degrees and 1000’s of PHD’s are awarded too. Even government is investing quiet a portion from the government budget for the education of children. Point to be noted is that although we have so many colleges, faculties, opportunities, degrees and moreover lakhs of people are even getting all these things yet, we are not considered to be literate in the Global Educational World, why? Just because here degrees count to be useless if one does not get any job with a particular degree & because of this only the education of doctors & engineers are considered to be valuable.

But according to Economic Times, every year, from 1 lakh students who are qualified in engineering around 20% to 30% are unemployed. If you look back to your education system you will get your answer. Actually, we want to entangle our self in the race of getting good marks. We just try to score above 75% by hook or by crook. In India to be a part of a blind race for percentage & simply getting a job is considered to be utmost important & due to this the feeling to write and learn new things either does not develop in us or we just don’t allow it to inculcate in us.

Slowly and slowly we adapt these ways in our studies and even teaching. We are bounded by our mentality to get only marks and other things will follow simultaneously.  After one gets a job who cares about need to study. We pay no attention that this way of thinking hinders us from learning something new. If we give it a little thought, when we talk about good books, models, theory or invention we always coincide with foreign names. Whether it is teachers or students, they often read or teach foreign writers. Indian names can be just counted on finger tips. Hardly will we come across an Indian name in the field of Research & Science. Reason being the same attitude of just passing & getting a job. This becomes the aim of our life. The rest is done by the habit of analyzing oneself inferior to others.

We forget that the way we project ourselves in front of others, the same we will adapt the same eventually. With this, strength we possess to do something better, is also wasted in running behind for marks.

We need to understand that there is a major difference between being well-trained and well-educated. The choice is ours what we want to be called…

(This article is a translation of an inspirational Hindi newspaper article. It is translated by Anshika, a 12th grade student of St. Lawrence School, Unnao, Uttar Prandesh, India.)


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