I am 4 earthquakes old today!

Yeah! That’s what my age is. With the recent events of natural disasters and calamities in India and Nepal,  I think time is quite a sophisticated term to measure age of something or someone, as the number may vary with our  location(planet, galaxy, etc) we are present at. It suddenly becomes insignificant when we are exposed to such situations and it makes us look back at life.

However, following the earthly tradition, I have reached a benchmark age of final year of 20’s. The same age at which many famous personalities, philosophers and incarnations showed the most profound prodigy.

With so much happening around and realizing that plans/ projects/schemes are all delusion we make to defy the reality of life, here’s an insight of series of 29 incidents of my life and the intended signs/ messages meant to be unfolded…

  1. Escaped from being murdered: I am invincible… Haha. You won’t leave this planet until you fulfil what you have come for.
  2. Sign of a smart kid: Not taking an eatable from a stranger in the train and looking in the eyes of parents to ask what to do. There are some innate traits in all of us.
  3. Urge to go to school: Longed to go into the school bus at the very early age, when other kids are making excuses not to go away from home. Curiosity can defeat fear.
  4. Remarkable learning ability: Yes, kids learn and copy fast. This is beginning of their social interactions, pay attention to how and what we want them to learn.
  5. First and Last grand celebration of 5th b’day: Yay! Gifts. Celebrations are not restricted to specific days, living is celebrating.
  6. First violent reaction: When a friend asks you to share an apple, you share it, not attack him with a miniature knife.
  7. Witnessed man’s obsession for material: Desire of money can turn affectionate brothers into ferocious foes. Beware of two-faced people around you.
  8. Homelessness: Sometimes we have to compromise for better good.
  9. Pinch pennies: it may be frustrating initially, but rewarding finally. The sooner you learn to be economical with the resources, the better management you learn.
  10. Witnessed Riots: What an irony to see man fighting in the name of religion and God by killing the fellow human. What kind of logic is it that we destroy ourselves to protect ourselves from ourselves?
  11. Cherished the feeling of caressing: It is wonderful feeling to take care of your younger sibling. Kindness/ politeness/goodness/carefulness/genuine and unconditional love are all our natural behaviour. Rest is inflicted into us be this hypercritic society.
  12. Helplessness and frustration: Everything comes with an expiry date. Learn to let go. Reaction can lead to destruction of relations.
  13. Mocked at for being natural: Imagine a kid being asked about the favourite subject with the expected obvious answer to be science, maths or social science, etc. But if someone like me answers- MORAL SCIENCE. Abnormal!
  14. My pseudo kidnapping: Going for an uninformed outing with an uncle? Wait! A small thought of kid being abducted can create a complete chaos in mother’s world. Don’t go astray. You are much valuable than you think.
  15. Almost rusticated from school:. Schooling and tuitions are not free in this world. Pay and learn or overdue and get rusticated. Feeling of being insulted and chided can be devastating for an introvert kid .Thank God for having such great parents to give priority to education over everything else.
  16. Started learning and having faith in Almighty: When you least expect help, it will come from somewhere. Miracles are happening every moment, we just need to open our eyes and see.
  17. Desirous Me: Ah! The world is ever evolving with new technological gadgets and making us more desirous of things. Don’t worry! Everything will happen to you at specific time. Don’t feel you will fall out of the race of intellects.
  18. Distracted and paid for it: Your every decision decides how your future turns out to be. Make careful moves. Accept mistakes easily, try not to repeat them.
  19. Failed in maths: It is an astonishing experience for someone to fail an exam who has never ever tasted it. Shattered. But failure is an important thing to bring you back on right track. Challenges make us stronger.
  20. First Hitch-hiking: When you see there is no means of any transportation on your way back home after a school party, you need help. Don’t be afraid to ask. You need to trust total strangers sometimes.
  21. Kept changing houses for 25 years: A family needs a permanent address. But, it is a great experience to live a kind of nomadic life. It teaches a lot.
  22. We did it: Finally! Nothing can suffice the happiness of winning a court case and reviving the deserving life. Patience, patience and patience alone is a key to major trauma of sufferings in life.
  23. Said goodbye to past: But not to its teachings. Keep learning, Keep evolving, And Keep Growing.
  24. Witnessed the power of money: Most trustworthy business partner can deceive you. Money can change the man’s attitude and thinking. If you can dodge the black magical power of those rectangular paper pieces, you have had it all.
  25. History can repeat: Don’t get haunted by the past. If tough choices need to made, make them, so that you don’t have to regret it.
  26. Being rational: Learn from other’s mistake, though easy said than done. Complicated matters of differentiating between the feelings of love, attraction and lust can be solved easily by this rule of thumb.
  27. Slept and woke up: Developed a great robotic project in college. Wanted to carry out further research on it by going to study abroad. College over, got the job. Had to quite the job and come back home due to business problem. Clear and loud lesson learned: Always expect the unexpected. Life is uncertain, accept it.
  28. Mission Home: With total liability of construction of a house from scratch, it was an amazing experience to learn how to deal with seasonal changes, different people, and pressure situation and come out with flying colours.
  29. Listening to the instinct: Yes! It is all inside us. When in doubt ask yourself. Nobody can guide you better than you.

Everybody goes through so much in life and learn and unlearn many things. If we can share or forward all our experiences to others, we can do our part in making this world a better place.

Don’t wait. Just do it!!!


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