Is happiness ineffable?

Once, a company organised a party for its clients. They were asked to go into a room filled with balloons and write their names on the balloons. Everyone came back into the hall after writing their respective names on the balloons. Later, the manager asked them to find the balloon with their name on it. This time everyone was seen indulging in bullyragging. Everyone was fighting. Then, manager calmed them down and suggested that they should go into the room one by one, pick a balloon and give it to the person to whom it belongs. Everyone did that and found their balloon. Then the manager explained them that we are busy in pursuit of our own happiness, just like finding these balloons. But, the real happiness lies in giving happiness to others.

The same thing applies to all of us. We are all different from one another. Everyone has his own idea and purpose of happiness. May be a thing which is normal for us, is the most needed thing in the life for someone else. Someone dreams to have an own a house whereas for some other person settlement of his/her children is of utmost importance.  For those who have lived a life full of hardships, grabbing a job is all they would cherish. For those who have always lived on streets, a government housing scheme is new ray of hope for them. How fantastic will it be if we try to become a reason for someone’s happiness? And may be some day someone will be reason for our happiness too.

Happiness simply means to feel good. Often our happiness is associated with people who are close to us. Everyone has his own reason for happiness. One appears happy eating the simple street food, other enjoys getting drenched in the rain. Sometimes happiness is found in squeal of a child, on next day it may be felt just laughing with whole family. The real happiness lies in all those small moment which we keep ignoring. Look back and try to remember how many times we have neglected such precious moments like listening to a favourite music in full volume or went for a long drive in a pleasant weather or the moment when every family member felt contended.

The actual philosophy of life is to share the special moments of happiness with everyone.  People keep complaining about the way they are, why we don’t have something which others have? Why we are no so rich or pretty? Why we lack so much? This kind of thinking makes our thoughts negative and we are not able to do what we are capable of. Someone has correctly said that it is not our fault to be born as poor, but it will be our fault if we die as poor. If that’s true, then why is everyone so full of desires and unhappy? If we look around we would find everyone has some or the other problem in life. Nobody is prefect in the world. Often we see others and think, oh! How pretty, prosperous and intelligent he/she is, but some other person may think the same about us too.

Everyone has different perspective of happiness. Selfishness is not happiness. Happiness is in contentment which comes with compassion.


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