Sine qua non of Moral Values for Morale

“Our morality is like wine, the older the better flavour.”

It is believed in east that there are three fields which are very important for complete development of a person, namely- Physical, Mental and Spiritual. We have achieved a lot of success in the field of physical and mental development but we are gradually forgetting the importance of spiritual aspect.

In ancient times too, moral values were essential part of our education system. Last century has seen a drastic degradation in moral values of students in educational institutes because we have concentrated more on academic development. Consequentially, today we have a generation which lacks even the basic moral attributes. Road rage, violent behaviour in children, drug addiction for temporary happiness, and unnecessary involvement in outrage, all this inhuman behaviour Is outcome of ignorance of importance of moral science while educating and developing the new generation. If we can help them understand the difference between right and wrong, then they can turn out to be more ethical being. They would not only prove to be a virtuous but also an asset to the society as a whole.

For the best future of children we need to optimise our education system in such a way that it includes a major portion of spiritual and righteous values. Our moral values demand us to become a human full of compassion, gentleness, truthfulness and politeness. We need to present example of these principles in front of the children so that they can inculcate these virtues in themselves.

There can be several ways of doing this and we should be ready to try new methods without hesitating. Organising events and sessions of value focussed discussions can fill the gap of academic and ethical values. The only way to satisfy their quest of doubts is by giving proper logical and reasonable answers. All they need to understand is that science and spirituality are not two different things but the two sides of same coin, and we can only help them if we believe in it ourselves…



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