Episode 7: The Unsent Book of Odes

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…The perfect idea was to start converting their romantic conversations into a form of songs with a little twist of proper words while keeping the hold of originality of feelings. The frequency of letters went up from 2 to 10 per month. The intensity of feelings kept augmenting with every letter. A new energy was clearly felt, being conducted through their expressions getting more intense and intimate, by the two self-professed shams. And it was just a matter of time for inevitable to take place.
The very next letter from Belicia came with a red heart shaped card written with glister and soaked in love, a proposal for getting into relationship as she believed that if we don’t listen to our heart and miss an opportunity, we have to regret later. Inder was in complete agreement to this prophecy. Once hit by the Cupid’s arrow, what choice does a man have? Vows in wooing travel faster than Venus’ doves and so did their reinvigorated bond. Everything was so perfect and smooth that life seemed to be at its best.
But long distance relationships have their own limitations in romance. It is not always easy to get eccentric and fly thousands of miles just for a glimpse of beloved. Sometimes it is quite a task to make your partner feel your presence in person. So they have evolved this practice of exchanging gifts which works wonders in all cases. Though Inder was not well versed in this art, yet his fantasies knew no bound. From typical greeting and wishing cards, handbags to jewelry of abstract kinds, all that could be easily parceled without getting into any hitch over border; got Inder’s attention and were made sure to reach the other part of the world.

As every budding flower is eager to experience the bloom, so were the  two aficionados swirling on the emotional roller-coaster, mounted and tried out by every expect of time.

And then abruptly a message brought down the cold shivers through Inder. Belicia’s sister suggested her to watch the biography of a girl being cheated. A small spark is sufficient for a conflagration. Capitulation? Proof of being genuine? So many skeptic questions? What was she talking about? It changed her perspective from head to toe.

Inder was amazed how a simple film can create so many doubts, misunderstandings, paranoid, and every kind of disappointment into someone. Though he had the habit giving too many explanations, but he decided to keep his emotions to himself at the moment. All the politeness, goodness, caring, gifts, felicitations and kisses turned into bad intentional tricks when seen in light of doubts and negativity. No matter how hard the light tries to penetrate the thick walls, the only way through is breaking it apart.

Dreamland full of aroma of well nurtured flora eventually turned into the barren pungent smelling bacterial infected marshy land. Off went every aspect of tenderness of two buds with the onset of acid rain. World seemed to collapse at once. No ointment could treat the mark of this burn.

The book of odes found its unworthy place into the fireplace. And its pages burnt like the tender petals of rose projected into concentrated acid. The fumes that will always be part of the air, but would never be seen. Vibes do not wipe out so easily.







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