Aphoristically, Words are reflection of our personality.

In those times of serfdom one master used to own many serfs. One such slave was Luqman. Though merely a slave yet Luqman was rather an adroit and wise one. Soon his popularity extended far-flung.

When his master came to know about it, he decided to call Luqman into question and expressed his wish to test his skill.

“If you come out with flying colours in my test, you will be a free man.” Said the master

Luckman agreed.

Master said,” Go and fetch the most efficient organ of any dead animal.”

Luqman respectfully, executed the orders and came back with a tongue of a dead goat. On asking the reason behind his choice, Luqman said,” If a tongue in a body is good, everything around strives to lick into shape.

The master was quite convinced but wanted to twist a bit more. He said, “ Take it away and bring the worst part of that goat now.”

On his behest Luqman went out but returned with the same tongue in his hand again. On being oppugned again, he said,” If the tongue in the body is lame, everything around tends to be scourge.” He further explained,” Master, everyone possesses the power of speech innately, but very few know how to really verbalize what to say. This art is reign of expertise of few people. One word may pour in showers of love while other may erupt a volcano of bickering.”

Bitter words have caused innumerable wars in the world. This tongue is reason behind so many havoc around the world. It is a three-inch weapon which can ruin six feet man in seconds. But it can also give life to a dying person. The type of speech you have governs everything. If it is rough, rude or even a bit abnormal, we should try to make it sweet.

We want the reflection of our personality to be outstanding, so the words which constitute it should be the best possible.



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