Privation: the bitter pill

Scene 1: A teen girl throwing all kinds of tantrums to get her favorite shade of lipstick, ignoring the fact that she had recently purchased a couple of them last week. Her mother tries to deny the request but soon give up to the obstinate and resilient blackmailing that the girl would stop eating and going to school if her demand is not met.

Scene 2: A girl who had never came across so colorful and vibrant shades of candyfloss in a city fair. Her heart yearns to get them all, but also worries about her mother’s body pain due to days’ labor. She can either spend those trifle on the fancy candyfloss or buy the anti-inflammatory ointment that she has been saving for. She went to the medical shop.

Scene 3: Some kids in fine linen and branded tuxedo and leather jacket, sitting in a 5 star restaurant, fighting over the choice of flavor of pizza which is loaded with all exotic toppings and cheese.

Scene 4: Some village kids half clad, sitting on ground not far away from muck heap, singing, sharing and enjoying the stale chapatis (Indian bread) with sweet and sour chilli pickle.

These may appear to be normal, random, day to day scene of our society, but can we really ignore the fact that our society is gradually getting divided and devoid of basic feelings. The most important of them all is ‘patience’ and ‘value of privation’. On one hand an obese woman is warned by doctor to avoid the intake of fats or it may have adverse consequences at the time of conceiving, while on the other hand, a pregnant woman loses her unborn child because of inadequate diet and malnutrition.

At first it might seem to be an inimical way of leading a life with privation. Many do firmly believe that its pathetic condition which is just the opposite of good life. Although this may be perceived as such, there is a flip side of coin which is ignored more than often. Majority may regard such scenario to be grotesque.

It is just matter of decentralization of ideas which are tormenting to be unified. Value of privation is so much disregarded and underestimated in our modern society that we have started seeing it as a taboo or damnation. Mankind is gradually forgetting the purpose of survival as a whole. Passing over this corrupt perception to next generation is worst we can do for them.Kids, Children, teenagers, even adults are much sunken into the hogwash of stubbornness.

The spoiled teenager believes he/she can have anything he/she wants and is amoral in his/her pursuits. Many teens are seen to be so carried away with unethical social custom that they develop the guts to question even the moral and academic curriculum at every stage. They cant be fully blamed for such behaviors because they find it hard to relate with the environment at home and what the book wants them to inculcate. They get confused between the feelings of empathy, compassion, truth, reality and disguise as everything appears to come with a ‘term and condition apply’ sign to them.

Lacking is bliss in disguise, its importance cannot be undermined, sooner or later everyone realizes it. Complaining is not part of our behavior, drop it!

Light is only appreciated because we have experienced darkness.


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