After-math, After-commerce, After-arts…

“The result is as per expectations, but to attain and maintain peace, I think renouncing the world is the only way,” his uncle quoted Shah as saying.

A 99.9 percentile in Class 12 is a ticket to top-flight colleges and a lucrative career. For 17-year-old Varshil Shah, who comes from a middle-class family, it is a dream come true. But Varshil has chosen a different path. He is ready to renounce the world to be a Jain monk. There were no raucous celebrations. Varshil, whose family follows Jainism, shuns limelight and keeps to himself.

Reads the stupefied news media today.

What appears to be a hard to swallow decision coming from just a 17-year-old, is actually the most basic human instinct which is almost lost on the way to modernization. Just few thousand years back knowledge revolved around the way we live, attain discipline and perform our duty (Dharma), but now it is all about becoming and pursuing something under twisted social norms. Molding the do’s and don’ts in a pinch, has been always been best hobbies of mankind. We totally love to translate and define everything according to our satisfying need. Education system is no exception to it.

Scoring good in academics is being regarded as criterion of performing well in future life. The irony is that those who force it were themselves in the same shoe few decades back. They had gone through all of it but something tells them- “let’s do it once again, we should follow the same track what our parents did to us.” Irrespective of present and past situations when there were fewer options to choose from, parents feel obliged to shape their child’s future.

No wonder there is high increase in college drop-outs, seeking their true path and passion. A few gain courage to skip the routine and follow their own instinct. The dilemma starts as early as choosing the right stream, science, commerce, arts, etc in intermediate, completely disregarding other options like diploma, etc apart from pursuing mainstream courses. May be it could be more helpful. How about an additional option in forms like. listen-to-yourself ? Sounds legit?

If asked to choose between ‘more money less satisfaction’ and ‘less money more satisfaction’ majority will choose the latter one, but at the time of implementation of principles its a different story. Until and unless our actions are honest to our thoughts, its nearly impossible to give better future to coming generations. Ultimately, “#WhatYouDoIsWhatYouTeach.”


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